Remember 1979- post-it notes were invented and Mother Theresa won the Nobel Prize.

The Susan B. Anthony dollar coin was introduced & ESPN started its first broadcast.

Pope John Paul became the first pope to set foot on U.S. soil & Erv’s Mug opened.

Wow, what a year! Erv & Barb became owner-operators & I was just starting High School. I grew up around here, learning from my Dad when he least wanted me to. I grew to love this business, despite my parents best efforts to steer me in another direction. Now, quite a few years and a law degree later, this is where I want to be.

Over the years, Erv & Barb’s presence has been a staple at the “Mug” and you may still catch them here today. Erv is especially fond of early mornings, Barb is fond of Saturday nights. But, to us, all of the staff is part of our “family”.

At the heart of the extended “Mug” family, we are joined together by a vision of service, sincerity, smiles & fun. We will do our best to remember your name or at least what you’re drinking & we hope you remember ours.

Our 3rd decade of service finds us with second generation staff & customers, as well as new customers who were once staff. We consider this evolution quite a compliment. We’ve lost some of dear friends over the years, but we welcome all of our new ones. We are unique. We are independent. We cannot be duplicated!

In this world of cookie cutter chains and fast service drive thrus, we want you to relax & slow down a bit. Our scratch kitchen prepares your meal from scratch, after you order it, just as you like it. If you don’t see it, don’t be afraid to ask.

Experience an Original, ’cause you can only get what you got here . . . here.

Make yourself at home for lunch, dinner, cocktails or a late date that just can’t wait.

Spar with the bartender, wink at the waitress, give the lady next to you a squeeze, perhaps even hum your favorite tune.

We’re Glad You’re Here.

~ Danielle, Barb . . . and of course, the guy with his name on the door & his mug on the menu- ERV.

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